Gender Male
Species Pizza
Team N/A
Episode eliminated N/A
Place N/A
Friends Pillow, Lollipop, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jawbreaker
Enemies Domino, Pea 3
Color Brown (Crust), Yellow (Dough), Red (Pepperoni)
Deaths N/A
First appearance N/A
Last appearance N/A
Voiced by MayoToons200 or Animation Fever

Pizza, labeled The Tasty One is a male recommended character in Anthropomorphic World.

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Trivia Edit

  • He was recommended by MayoToons200.
    • Although, he is yet to be appeared on the show while MayoToons200 will recommend him.
  • He is the extended version of Pizza from Brawl of The Objects.
  • Pizza might have a chance to join Anthropomorphic World.
    • If not, he might have a chance to join the sequel.
  • He is the first recommended character of Anthropomorphic World.