Oh nothing! I am just looking at the sky.
— To Candle. Seen in Episode 1.
Gender Male
Species Football
Team Not revealed yet
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Dollar, Lollipop, Candle, Stamp. Butter (one-sided on Football's side)
Enemies Domino, Butter (one-sided on Butter's side)
Color Brown and white
Deaths N/A
Voiced by Animation Fever

Football, labeled The Big Game Player is a male contestant in Anthropomorphic World.


He's smart and an football player.



  • His alternative name is "Rugby Ball".
    • Although he used to be named it.
  • He is the toughest contestant in this show.
  • His design has been changed because Animation Fever though his original look weird.
    • His new design is based of Leafy's body (recovered).
      • Speaking of Leafy, Leafy is disguised as a Football.
    • But XanyLeaves thought that his new body was stolen from DormLifeOfficial (currently known as Teleporterbread), but Animation Fever said that he actually made it.
  • Most likely, he might be the main contestant of Anthropomorphic World.