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This article or section is about a future episode, character, challenge of other of the Anthropomorphic World franchise. Please be sure to look out for spoilers or anything.
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Episode 1
Season 1, Episode 1
AW 1 screenshot
Challenge TBA
Winner(s) TBA
Eliminated None
Episode Guide
"Episode 2"

Episode 1 is the first episode of Anthropomorphic World. The contest, teams and winner will be revealed when it's released.



  • It should probably come out someday in December, or probably in 2015.
  • The designs will be changed during picking teams.
  • The screenshot was uploaded on deviantART.
  • Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 19.29.11
    Animation Fever confirmed that he will rescript the episode, since it was terrible. He also mentioned that he'll make a Anthropomorphic World reboot.
    • He also turned his account to a alternative account and removed all of his videos.
      • But then for some reason, both of his Animation Fever accounts was removed/gone. However, his Deviantart account remains.


Anthropomorphic World Episode 1 Preview-0

Anthropomorphic World Episode 1 Preview-0

The preview of the episode.

Anthropomorphic World Episode 1 Preview 2

Anthropomorphic World Episode 1 Preview 2

The second preview of the episode.