The second hangout will be different. Also it will be longer then the first one. It's date will be at 11:00 CST/12:00 EST/17:00 pm for UK at Sunday, October 12th, 2014. KTMWikia8000 is hosting.

The Chating Edit

1. It's started at October 12th, 2014 at 17:00 pm UK Time/11:00 am Central Time.

2. KTM joins and invites people.

3. Gavelrocks joins and KTMWikia8000 goes to the bathroom.

4. Gavelrocks and KTMWikia8000 watch AW Ep. 1 SP.

5. KTMWikia8000 was showing all the contestant with Gavelrocks.

6. Viewer 2 joins.

7. Veiwer 2 was SpaceLenny1975.

8. KTMWikia8000 was checking Gavelrocks's youtube account and SpaceLenny1975's youtube accounts.

9. SpaceLenny1975 left.

10. KTMWikia8000 ended the Hangoutcon.

11. It was at 17:35 pm UK Time/11:35 pm Central Time.