Gavelrocks, Animation Fever, and KTMWikia8000 are the host of the first hangoutcon.

The Chating Edit

1. It was started on October 10, 2014 at 2:30 pm/ 1:30 pm central time.

2. Gavelrocks join first, next is KTMWikia8000 joins, then Animation Fever joins.

3. About that what they missed.

4. Ideas for AW Hangoutcons new name, But Gavelrocks decided to keep his name.

5 KTMWikia8000 talks Animation Fever about his desktop background.

6. KTMWikia8000 accidently named AW Wiki Objectcon.

7. Gavelrocks was creating 2 hangoutcon wikis.

8. Animation Fever left.

9. KTMWikia8000 left and was creating achievements.

10. Gavelrocks ended the first AW Hangoutcon.

11. It was ended at 3:55 pm/ 2:55 pm central time on October 10, 2014.